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Healthcare Provider Finds Procurement Panacea that Includes 250% Efficiency Boost

Molina Healthcare was battling dual ailments as an outdated ERP struggled to keep pace with explosive growth that doubled procurement. Coupa cured their processes top to bottom, helping to streamline efficiency and scale for growth.

Company Overview
Molina Healthcare provides quality health insurance to individuals through government programs such as Medicaid and Medicare.
Long Beach, CA

Value as a Service


POs Per Year


in POs Per Year


Increase in Efficiency for Invoices Processed


Their outdated ERP struggled to keep pace with the extreme growth of procurement department.

They needed to scale processes and onboard new users quickly.

Inefficient manual paper processes were bogging them down.

Their ERP system was bulky and difficult to use.



They accommodated 420% invoice growth while only increasing staff by 10%.

With 100% mobility, managers could approve on the go.

Audit trails are transparent.

They simplified SOX compliance.

"The difference with Coupa is our buyers aren't managing transactions anymore. Now they are managing vendors and commodities. Our AP team has moved from being data entry clerks to being detectives."

Bryce Berg, Vice President Business Services