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Healthcare Provider Now 100% Paperless with Coupa for BSM

Allegheny Health needed a prescription for consolidating complex and cumbersome spend processes while adhering to compliance and keeping up with the 24-hour nature of a healthcare supply chain. With Coupa they found a cure for streamlining efficiency.

Company Overview
Allegheny Health Network is a large healthcare provider with seven hospitals, five surgery centers, and hundreds of physician practices in Pennsylvania.
Philadelphia, PA

Value as a Service


of Spend on One Platform




in Spend Managed in 12 Months


4 different ERP systems and separate purchasing departments.

Finance teams couldn't see spend in real-time.

Paper-based ordering system not HIPAA compliant.

Ease-of-use priority so practitioners could spend time on patient care.


Ease-of-use and paperless processes on one unified platform mean clinicians now spend more time with patients and less on procurement.

Finance can now see spend instantly in one place and automate the right on- and off-contract approval processes.

"The #1 benefit we have achieved with Coupa is that we're now 100% paperless with all spend in one platform."

Jennifer Garvin, Former VP Supply Chain