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How Australian Unity Used BSM to Attain Spend Visibility and Savings

Australian Unity sought one simple thing. To make things simple. They wanted to make it easy for staff and suppliers to transact. But outdated manual processes frustrated their efforts and led to a lack of transparency. With Coupa's help, they saved $16M in 2 years, exceeding goals.

Company Overview
Australian Unity is a mutually owned financial services company offering insurance, investments, and health services.

Value as a Service


AUS Saved in 2 Years


of Invoices Processed Electronically


of E-Invoices Submitted via Suppliers


With many offices across Australia, it was a struggle to coordinate vendors and speed up paper-based Procure-to-Pay processes while complying with government spend regulations.

Lack of efficient BSM processes meant money was left on the table.

As the company grew in size and spend, it became clear they needed a unifying spend solution.


Diverse base of insurance agents, financial experts, caregivers, and vendors all Coupa-intuitive.

In 2 years, savings soared to $16 million AUD, exceeding original target of $11 million AUD in four years.

Out of the 7,000 invoices handled monthly, now only 40 are processed manually.

"Our ability to transform rapidly in a fast-moving world has increased significantly since we've used Coupa."

Warren Dick, General Manager for Procurement