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H&R Block finds a more efficient, intuitive procurement solution for seasonal spikes.

H&R Block's business model relies heavily on seasonal tax preparers at independent locations. Given the short-term nature of tax season, H&R Block wanted easy procurement with as little onboarding as possible.

Company Overview
H&R Block operates retail tax offices staffed by tax professionals and offers consumer tax software as well as online tax preparation.
Kansas City, MO


Reinvent and streamline procurement processes for independent tax pros so they could focus on customers.

Find an intuitive solution for minimal training across independent offices.

Gain visibility into seasonal ordering for more accurate forecasting.



PO flip email capability enables those independent operators to easily control payment cycles.

Coupa Source instilled good corporate discipline across all satellite offices.

Streamlined seasonal, bulk order process for better efficiency and annual forecasting.

"We chose Coupa because we want partners to help us solve business problems."

Todd Dooley, Former Vice President of Finance