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Ionis Gets a BSM Booster to Manage Rapid Doubling of Global Suppliers

When Ionis took its subsidiary Akcea public, it quickly began opening new offices to prepare for commercial operations. This presented immediate challenges for AP and Purchasing as they began onboarding twice as many suppliers. Coupa BSM helped them build on their existing Coupa solutions to grow in stride.
Company Overview
Ionis Pharmaceuticals is a global, public company that creates and develops pharmaceutical therapies.
U.S, U.K.

Value as a Service


New Suppliers Onboarded Annually


On Time Payments


Reduction in Requisition Cycle Time


Manual, duplicative data entry intensive processes

Inefficient vendor onboarding

Limited visibility into payment status


96% of invoices are processed digitally, with only a handful left in the ERP

96% of invoices and over $200M of spend is processed through Coupa

Digitized supplier management

"Time to value was immediate. If someone asked me about Coupa for BSM, I’d say it’s a no-brainer."

Isaac Ballesteros, Assistant Director of Accounting