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Members 1st Cashes In With Coupa's Community Intelligence

As a non-profit credit union, Members 1st was able to leverage various Coupa modules to modernize and streamline their operations, saving their members money and minimizing risk.
Company Overview
Members 1st is the preferred financial institution of Central Pennsylvania offering full banking services to members.
Mechanicsburg, PA

Value as a Service


Reduction in Invoice and Process Time




Expense Compliance


Old system was at capacity, and processing was slow.

Lack of visibility in procurement made bottlenecks hard to spot.

Struggle with contracts and sourcing made it hard to find the best deals.

Non-profit status raised business risks with subpar suppliers.


Added efficiencies like receipt automation saved time and money.

Alternatives suggested for high risk suppliers boost accountability.

Community intelligence yields more informed decision making and lowers risk.

"We have the intelligence of the Coupa Community to really help us be accountable to our members."

Brian Strohecker, Budget and Operations Manager