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NPL Construction Builds Success With Online Shopping Experience

NPL Construction's modernization of an outdated, decentralized procurement system was an easy, efficient, and profitable transition with Coupa's consumer-like online shopping experience.
Company Overview
NPL Construction is a leader in energy and infrastructure construction with a reputation for reliability and performance.
Phoenix, AZ

Value as a Service


Hour Decrease for Each Invoice Approval Time


Decentralization led to lack of visibility in spend.

They needed a consumer-like UX for engineering-oriented users.

The procurement process was time-consuming and inflexible.


They achieved visibility into procurement buying and spending.

The seamless UX has made adoption extremely successful.

Orders are faster and more accurate.

Coupa's flexibility adds speed and efficiency, replacing ticket and approval process with streamlined instant process.

"Our ability to customize Coupa’s tools to meet exactly what we need is great. With the Coupa solution, we could manage – and do manage – everything from nuts and bolts all the way up to backhoes and vacuum trucks."

Jon Siudut, Manager, Supply Chain Management