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Scaling a Global Pharmaceutical Business with Coupa P2P

Ionis Pharmaceuticals had plans to go global but wanted to stay small and agile, so they had to find ways to amplify their capabilities. Coupa was just what the doctor ordered, delivering digital P2P to help free up resources and accelerate growth.
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Company Overview
Ionis Pharmaceuticals is a global, public company that creates and develops pharmaceutical therapies.
U.S, U.K.

Value as a Service


Increase in Invoices Processed/Year


Time to Value


POs Per Month



Centralized, manual, and paper-intensive Procure-to-Pay processes hindered progress amidst rapid growth.

Pre-Coupa, the team manually processed 12,000 invoices per year.

Industry regulations demanded strict compliance.

Resources to fund and manage solution were limited (and fixed).




Coupa Procure

Coupa Contracts

Coupa Invoice




Coupa's digitized BSM delivered intuitive user experience, global scalability, and a comprehensive suite of capabilities with built-in compliance features.

P2P processes were not compliant with industry regulations.

New streamlined process doubled efficiency to allow 30,000 invoices and 13,000 requisitions handled per year.

Coupa's intuitive and easy to use system eliminated extra costs, allowing them to keep their 1-person Purchasing and AP teams.


"Time to value was immediate. If someone asked me about Coupa for BSM, I’d say it’s a no-brainer."

Isaac Ballesteros, Assistant Director of Accounting