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Simplifying with Coupa Brought Streamlined Efficiency to NTW

NTW (formerly TCI Tire Centers) leveraged Coupa to centralize and optimize procurement management, resulting in an easier, more visible, time- and money-saving system that aligns with their mission.

Company Overview
TCI specializes in distributing, selling, and servicing car and truck tires, as well as manufacturing custom and pre-mold retreads.
Duncan, SC

Value as a Service


Cost Avoidance in One Year


Savings with Coupa

Hours to Seconds

to View Reports across the Board


Spend was scattered over multiple locations, managers, and suppliers.

They wanted to gain visibility to better manage and direct spend.

They needed to simplify, yet also gain visibility and automation, as well as support for suppliers.


The supply base is now manageable and they can direct spend to a select group of suppliers.

New visibility and automation save time and money, since a custom view of metrics takes only seconds.

Great UX has made adoption of the platform easy.

"The process is simple, easily communicated, and most importantly, it’s remembered."

David Symborski, Former Purchasing Agent