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Vermont Law School Leverages Coupa Contracts to Support Farming

The Center for Ag and Food created a contract generating tool with Coupa to drastically lower farmers' legal costs, adapt to regional needs, and ensure sustainable practices.
Company Overview
Vermont Law School Center for Agriculture and Food Systems trains students in policy and aids farms with legal resources.
South Royalton, VT

Value as a Service


Free and Easy Tool for Farmers


Balance of Ease of Use and Flexibility


Needed ease of use and flexibility generating contracts for farmers to protect land access.

Paper forms couldn't address all of the legal needs of farmers across the country.

Solutions needed to be interactive to deal with various farming complexities.


UX allows farmers to generate good leases, lowering legal costs.

Specific addenda can be added to account for regional differences in water, grazing, or solar.

The tool allows lease provisions to ensure sustainable practices on the land.

"A shorter chain reduces the possibility of weak links."

Francine Miller, Senior Legal Fellow