Haben Sie sich auch schon mal gefragt, warum Ihre Kreditkartenrechnung so hoch ist? Wo kommen all die Ausgaben her? Und wofür...
Hari Murakonda
Hari Murakonda
Principal of AI Centre of Excellence, Coupa

Hari Murakonda is currently Principal of AI Centre of Excellence at Coupa and leads AI driven classification projects at Coupa. Hari comes with a background in data science with over 10 years of experience. Prior to Coupa, Hari was a Solution Architect at LLamasoft, and Opex Analytics where he led several ML driven solutions to problems in Supply chain and Operations across several fortune 500 Retail, Consumer products, and Airline companies. Hari was an early employee at Opex Analytics and played key role scaling the company, followed by acquisitions to LLamasoft and then Coupa. Hari holds Master’s degree in Analytics at Northwestern University and Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from BITS-Pilani.

Lesedauer: 8 mins
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Die Corona-Pandemie hat Unternehmen gezwungen, ihre Prioritäten von Grund auf zu überdenken und sich neu auszurichten. Dabei ist vielen bewusst geworden...
Rajiv Ramachandran
Rajiv Ramachandran
Vice President, Product Strategy & Management, Coupa Pay, Coupa Software

Rajiv Ramachandran is the product executive responsible for the overall strategy, management and engineering of Coupa’s B2B payment platform — Coupa Pay. With over 20+ years of experience in the enterprise software industry, Rajiv has deep knowledge and experience on SaaS solutions, Cloud, and On-Premise based integrations of financial platforms and streamlining B2B payment experiences and processes across the enterprise. Over the last 4 years Rajiv has led the launch, the growth, and the adoption of Coupa Pay for all Coupa customers in one of Coupa’s most successful product launches. With an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Business, Rajiv is also a constant innovator, looking to disrupt the B2B payments space, with multiple patent pending innovations against his name.

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