Der Erfolg einer Lieferkette wird durch der Fokus auf den Bedarf und genaue Prognosen für künftige Nachfragesituationen gesichert. Unternehmen machen jedoch...
Nari Viswanathan
Nari Viswanathan
Sr. Director, Product Segment Marketing, Coupa

Nari is currently Sr. Director of Product Segment Marketing at Coupa, where he helps bring products to markets in the areas of Supply Chain Design and Planning. Over the past 20 years, Nari has held VP and Director of Product Management, Research and Marketing roles at Aberdeen Group, River Logic, Steelwedge and E2open. He has significant experience building products from the ground up and managing the P&L for a product suite. He is a proven B2B marketer with expertise in content marketing, competitive intelligence, and positioning. He has published numerous thought leadership articles, whitepapers, blogs and delivered dozens of webinars during his career. Nari Viswanathan is a five times SDCExec Supply Chain Pro to Know award winner. Nari holds a master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai.

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Weniger störanfällige Lieferketten durch Modellierung von unterschiedlichen Nachfragesituationen
Die Corona-Pandemie hat Unternehmen gezwungen, ihre Prioritäten von Grund auf zu überdenken und sich neu auszurichten. Dabei ist vielen bewusst geworden...
Rajiv Ramachandran
Rajiv Ramachandran
Vice President, Product Strategy & Management, Coupa Pay, Coupa Software

Rajiv Ramachandran is the product executive responsible for the overall strategy, management and engineering of Coupa’s B2B payment platform — Coupa Pay. With over 20+ years of experience in the enterprise software industry, Rajiv has deep knowledge and experience on SaaS solutions, Cloud, and On-Premise based integrations of financial platforms and streamlining B2B payment experiences and processes across the enterprise. Over the last 4 years Rajiv has led the launch, the growth, and the adoption of Coupa Pay for all Coupa customers in one of Coupa’s most successful product launches. With an MBA from UCLA Anderson School of Business, Rajiv is also a constant innovator, looking to disrupt the B2B payments space, with multiple patent pending innovations against his name.

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Ein modernes Backoffice für mehr Geschäftskontinuität
Das Jahr 2020 hat Unternehmen viele neue Erkenntnisse gebracht. Die Wichtigsten waren uns Führungskräften in der Beschaffung bereits bestens bekannt: Schnell...
Michael van Keulen
Michael van Keulen
Chief Procurement Officer, Coupa

Michael van Keulen (aka “MVK”), Coupa's Chief Procurement Officer, has been in finance and procurement for 20+ years at high growth global companies where he managed procurement transformations and digitized the procurement process, driving significant stakeholder value.  Michael is a procurement fanatic, passionate about elevating the role of procurement by applying best in class practices and enabling business spend management through the power of digitization.

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Ein neues Betriebsmodell für die Beschaffung, Teil 1: Prozesse