Cut the Paper and Go ‘Touchless’ with AP Automation Software

Accounts Payable Automation Software

It’s easy to get rid of paper invoices from top tier suppliers. But for the bulk of your suppliers who invoice infrequently, it’s a very different story. And unless most of your suppliers e-invoice, you'll miss out on the full benefits of accounts payable automation.

That’s why Coupa's AP automation software solution provides e-invoicing choices from EDI and cXML to a supplier portal and emails. The result? Coupa customers enjoy both unprecedented supplier adoption and all the workflow benefits of accounts payable automation.

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AP Automation: No Paper. No Worries.

AP Workflow Automation

For speed, control and scale.

Don’t Touch That Invoice

Coupa’s accounts payable automation software provides multi-level automated validation, dynamic approval workflows, and full mobile access, you’ll enjoy more ‘touchless’ processing and faster approval cycles.

Cash in on Discounts

Faster approval cycles allow you to schedule payments to capture discounts and optimize cash flow. In addition, Coupa's AP automation software prioritizes the available discounts to make it easier.

Give the AP Team a Break

AP automation frees your Accounts Payable team to focus on higher value projects or simply higher transaction volumes without requiring more headcount or more pesky paper cuts.

Turn AP Into Heroes

Use automation to release the strategic value of accounts payable.

AP Automation with Coupa

"The way we paid for Coupa was with Accounts Payable. We have gone from 12 Accounts Payable people to 14 while tripling our volume so we easily have 250% increase in our efficiency just in accounts payable."

- Bryce Berg, Vice President Business Services, Molina Healthcare

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AP Automation with Coupa

”We want our people in the field to spend less time shuffling paper and more time managing freight and managing transportation and managing warehouses. That’s what Coupa does for us.”– Con-Way

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“When we use Coupa we save money because we’re saving time.”– ON24

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Driving Efficiency for AP Automation

Coupa helps business transform their AP invoicing processes to realized significant savings that directly impact the bottom line while improving governance and compliance.

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Metrics that Matter

Hours for invoice approval

Speed Matters

The faster an invoice gets approved, the more options you have for controlling cash flow. Coupa customers average less than 48 hours.

Of approvals via mobile & email

Free to Roam

Almost ¾ of all approvals in Coupa happen via email and mobile devices. No wonder they happen so fast.

WEBINAR REPLAY: The Evolution of AP

Coupa and Ardent Partners address what's required for AP to reach the next level of performance.

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Invoice Workflow Automation Report

Optimizing Invoice Movement and Management

Software that Creates Value

Learn more about Coupa’s AP automation software solutions for automating accounts payable workflow


The bedrock of AP automation – and the core of Coupa’s software solution.

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For Your Business Need
Expense Management

Free your Accounts Payable team from expenses drudgery. Your travelers will love it too.

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For Your Business Need
Coupa for your ERP

No AP team is an island. Coupa’s AP automation software integrates easily with your backend ERP.

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