Introducing Coupa Travel & Expense

Next-Generation Corporate T&E Management

Learn how Coupa is building upon the success of its existing expense management solution with a new integrated offering, Coupa Travel & Expense.

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In the webinar, you will:

  • Understand the benefits of Coupa’s T&E solution compared to other T&E tools on the market
  • Watch a demo of Coupa Travel & Expense
  • Discover how Coupa Travel fits into the larger Business Spend Management platform and hear Coupa's vision for the future of corporate travel.
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Introducing Coupa Travel & Expense

It is often difficult for organization to determine how much value they are gaining from T&E spend because corporate travel dollars flow through a variety of disparate systems. But with Coupa Travel & Expense, it is easier to achieve end-to-end visibility and control over travel spend.

In this webinar, Coupa introduces a new integrated offering, Coupa Travel, which builds upon the success of Coupa's existing expense management solution. You'll see Coupa Travel & Expense in action, and find out exactly how Coupa T&E differentiates itself from all other T&E solutions on the market.

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By watching the demo today, you'll see that really only by unlocking the power of BSM can you unlock the full power of your T&E spend.
Devon Tivona, Senior Director of Product Management, Travel & Expense


What is Business Spend Management, and how does Travel & Expense Management fit into that platform?

Just as you would use Salesforce (Customer Relationship Management, or CRM) as a "top line" management tool, that is, for sales, marketing, service, support, and those areas that are customer-facing and produce revenue, Business Spend Management (BSM) from Coupa can be thought of as a partner for Salesforce, where you can management tool for everything that concerns your bottom line: Source-to-Pay, Travel & Expense Management, Supply Chain Design, Procurement, Treasury & Payment, Risk & Compliance, and so on. Whereas Salesforce focuses on money in the door, Coupa's Business Spend Management focuses on money out the door. Travel, which is generally the second highest controllable expense for most organizations, is an important category within the full Business Spend Management platform. In short, what Salesforce is to CRM, Coupa is to BSM, and Travel & Expense is one important component of BSM.

What are the biggest challenges that organizations face managing travel?

Many organizations complain that existing T&E solutions on the market are not designed in a way that modern companies need, and this has only been worsened by the difficulties companies have faced in recent years. First, companies have been dissatisfied by the poor user experience of other "clunky" T&E solutions. Second, organizations complain that most of the legacy T&E solutions are often disjointed and siloed, such that they have to stitch together several different tools to get an overview of travel expenditures. And third, organizations have been disappointed in the KPI reporting that other T&E tools provide, so it's difficult to obtain comprehensive insights in order identify ways to improve T&E management. The ultimate consequence of these challenges is that organizations are failing to capture the full value of their T&E spend.

How is the Coupa's new Travel & Expense management different from other existing T&E tools?

Coupa Travel & Expense has eliminated the main challenges with other T&E tools by integrating the entire travel & expense lifecycle, from travel booking to expense management to virtual payments, in a single tool. Moreover, organizations will find the Coupa tool is much easier to use. Because the tool is built to be user-centric, more of your employees will use it, and you will then get a fuller picture of your T&E spend. Coupa also incorporates "community intelligence," or Community.AI, which allows customers to compare their T&E spend to best-in-class benchmarks of other organizations. With these community-driven insights, you will know where to focus in order to improve your T&E Management processes. In addition, Coupa pools spend among all customers in order to provide volume discounts on travel expenses. Coupa also provides 24/7/365 Traveler Support at no additional cost. Watch the webinar for more details!