How to Proactively Address the New Challenges of Business Travel

The return to business travel following the pandemic has created an entirely new set of challenges. Gain valuable insights into how to navigate these challenges in this on-demand webinar.

Effectively Address the New Challenges of Business Travel

In this on-demand webinar, T&E professionals from Festive Road, Travel Leaders Corporate, Bowery Farming, and Coupa discuss the new challenges in business travel following the global pandemic, along with various ways to proactively address them.

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Featured Speakers
Katie Virtue, Client Solutions Lead, Festive Road
Katie Virtue
Client Solutions Lead
Festive Road
Emmie McCaffrey, Manager, Financial Systems, Bowery Farms
Emmie McCaffrey
Manager, Financial Systems
Bowery Farms
Charlie Bacharach, VP Travel, Travel Leaders Corporate
Charlie Bacharach
VP, Travel
Travel Leaders Corporate
Alison Guilbeaux, Global Travel Manager, Coupa Software
Alison Guilbeaux
Global Travel Manager
Coupa Software

Watch this webinar to hear perspectives from a diverse group of T&E professionals from Festive Road, Travel Leaders Corporate, Bowery Farming, and Coupa on the latest challenges in business travel and practical, proactive ways to address them.

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What are eight big trends that are currently affecting business travel, according to the experts at Festive Road?

The first big trend shaping business travel in the post-pandemic years is that employees are working from a variety of disparate locations, which is changing the needs of business travel. A second large trend is the consideration of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns when planning business travel policies. Third, companies are noting a trend is a changing perspective on how to meet together most effectively, whether it be in person or virtually. A fourth macro trend in business travel is a growing expectation among business travelers that it become easier to make travel arrangements, especially because many business travelers are leaving the comforts of a home office now more than ever. Another trend is the growing personalization and importance of good content to make the business traveler's life easier and to provide him or her with the content that is most relevant and impactful for the travel experience. A sixth trend in business travel stems from the explosion of API connections that can now be made across the web, providing travelers with many ways to compare suppliers and find the best options for their travel experience. Seventh, companies are realizing that they can glean important lessons from the data related to employee travel searches in order to shape and improve their travel programs. An eighth major trend is that travel managers must have a better understanding of how travel benefits their organization and thereby take the lead in aligning with senior stakeholders so that their business travel program provides maximum benefit to the organization.

What are the main challenges currently affecting business travel and the main ways to address them?

The first challenge is how to prioritize cost control versus your employee experience. One practical step is to survey employees to determine their satisfaction with the current program, and then implement changes based on this feedback. A second challenge is to determine how recent changes in your workplace and culture will impact your travel program. It is thus important to review recent reports on travel and identify patterns that may require shifts in your air, accommodation, and ground volumes and contracts. A third challenges stems from the rising need to align travel programs with your organization's sustainability goals. It is wise to provide emissions information to travelers while they are booking travel and to suggest alternative forms of travel. Fourth, organizations are finding it challenging to find ways to economize in the face of economic uncertainty, which necessitates a search for low-touch ways to capture travel savings. A final challenge is the need to adjust your travel program to accommodate travel for teams and small groups. It is important to identify potential gaps by inquiring how your internal team leaders currently plan, book, and expense small group travel. For more details on these challenges and possible solutions, please request the webinar recording.