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Digital Transformation in Action: How CPO’s Can Deliver Smarter Procurement

Watch procurement and supply chain experts, Alejandro Castro of Tecnologico de Monterrey and Christopher Sawchuk of The Hackett Group, provide practical tips as well as best practices for leading in times of change.

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Discover 10 ways CPO’s are delivering smarter procurement

This insightful webinar will explore 10 effective tips for a smarter procurement journey, covering:

  • How to advance procurement maturity
  • Best practices for driving change in your organization
  • Key Performance Indicators that measure success in digital transformation
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After procurement teams faced numerous challenges in keeping their organizations afloat in recent years, CPOs are now faced with the question, "are you ready to lead?" This webinar aims to help you identify top priorities to take the lead and transform your organization through procurement best practices.

Alejandro Picho Castro, Chris Sawchuk, and Jake Adger explore ways to drive procurement success through trust-based processes, empowerment of the procurement team, enabling self-management, implementing simple and intuitive processes, and minimizing bureaucracy. They also discuss ten ways to deliver smarter, better procurement.

Featured Speakers
Chris Sawchuk, Principal & Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader, The Hackett Group
Chris Sawchuk
Principal & Global Procurement Advisory Practice Leader
The Hackett Group
Alejandro Picho Castro, CPO, Technológico de Monterrey
Alejandro Picho Castro
Chief Procurement Officer
Technológico de Monterrey
Jake Adger, Senior Director, Product and Segment Marketing, Coupa
Jake Adger
Senior Director, Product and Segment Marketing
Coupa Software
We decided to reevaluate all of our processes and services, both internal and external, to be based on trust. This may sound romantic, but you will see that it’s tied to productivity, efficiency, maximization of resources, and a good experience for your users. When you start basing your processes on trust, you really get rid of waste.
Alejandro Picho Castro, CPO, Tec de Monterrey


What are the five key questions that CPOs need to be able to answer?

First, how big is the spend? Second, what am I buying? Third, do I have full visibility and control over everything that I am buying? Fourth, what are our contracts – and when do they expire? And fifth, who are my stakeholders – and what outcomes do they want?

What are ten ways they recommend in the webinar to deliver smarter, better procurement?

First, digitize spend management in order to drive adoption. Second, automate Accounts Payable. Third, digitize end-to-end by including supplier management and payments. Fourth, look hard at cycle times. Fifth, don’t overlook services spend. Sixth, watch the tail. Seventh, connect with S2C and Finance. Eighth, spread the risk. Ninth, source from the community. And tenth, automate the fight against fraud. To learn more details, please tune in to the webinar!

Who is Alejandro Picho Castro?

Alejandro Picho Castro is the CPO (Director of Supply Chain and Services) at Technológico de Monterrey, the largest, private non-profit university system in Latin America, and the best-ranked in areas such as Engineering and Business Administration. Picho has extensive experience in sourcing, process improvement, project management, and customer experience. Prior to his work at Tec de Monterrey, Picho worked at General Electric for over sixteen years, moving back and forth between the US and Mexico, with roles in Sourcing, Materials, Service Operations, and Global Supply Chain Strategy.

Who is Chris Sawchuk?

Chris Sawchuk leads Hackett’s Global Procurement Advisory Practice. He has over 20 years of experience in supply management, working directly with the Global 2000 and mid-sized companies around the world in a variety of industries to improve all aspects of supply management, including process redesign, technology enablement, operations strategy planning, organizational change, and strategic sourcing.