Leading the Way: How to Build Resilient Supply Chains to Overcome Sourcing Disruptions

Watch experts Rachel Schafer, Sustainability Lead, Accenture, and Coupa's CPO, Michael Van Keulen, in this on-demand webinar discuss how sourcing teams have dealt with the lessons learned from sourcing disruptions to make future adjustments.

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Join a discussion of how procurement is entering a “new era” of value generation

Join experts, including Rachel Schafer, Sustainability Lead, Accenture, and Coupa's CPO, Michael Van Keulen, as they chat about:

  • Knowledge gained in sourcing as supply chains were realigned to pivot with disruption
  • Optimizations for meeting ESG goals while continuing to deliver in a challenging environment
  • Processes to implement in 2022 for continual improvement in savings and risk mitigation
  • Leadership challenges and addressing burnout in a tight talent market.

Watch experts Rachel Schafer, Sustainability Lead, Accenture, and Coupa's CPO, Michael Van Keulen, discuss how sourcing teams are making adjustments to proactively deal with sourcing disruptions, after having learned many lessons in the previous years.

Featured Speakers
Image Person Rachel Schafer Accenture
Rachel Schafer
Operations Sustainability Lead
Image Person Michael van Keulen, Coupa
Michael van Keulen
Chief Procurement Officer
Coupa Software
We are not creating something new here. We’re embedding sustainability into the existing procurement framework through five foundational steps for responsible procurement.
Rachel Schafer, Operations Sustainability Lead, Accenture


Who is Rachel Schafer?

Rachel Schafer is the Operations Sustainability Lead for Accenture. She works with both clients and internal product development teams to embed sustainability into procurement, supplier management, and reporting services. Rachel holds a certificate in Sustainable Supply-Side Management from the University of Cambridge. She has worked across multiple industries, including CPG, Automotive, Utilities, Chemicals, and Retail, and specifically in Renewable Energy for the past twenty years, and most recently within the broader supply chain programs as they pertain to sustainability. Rachel holds a Master’s of Business Administration degree in addition to a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

Who is Michael Van Keulen?

Michael Van Keulen is the CPO at Coupa Software, the global leader in cloud-based Business Spend Management software. Michael is responsible for driving best-in-class procurement practices across the company to support Business Development, and he is a source for peers looking to digitally transform procurement. Throughout his long career, he has orchestrated multiple procurement transformations, implemented procurement best practices, and expanded spend under management to drive significant stakeholder value. As a procurement practitioner, Michael is especially passionate about driving value, organizational transformation, sustainability, CSR, and diversity and inclusion.

What topics does this webinar cover?

This webinar discusses how procurement has capitalized on the opportunity to go from the basement to the boardroom in recent years. Procurement teams have accelerated transformation and started breaking down the organizational silos with end-to-end Business Spend Management processes. ESG has become a very important topic, and it allows procurement to really be strategic. Procurement also is increasingly focused on driving innovation, delivering margin impact, increasing agility, and reducing risk. The webinar will walk you through the ways that procurement is entering a “new era” of value generation.