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Why people love Coupa for AP automation

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Learn how to:

  • Stretch cash and increase profitability for future growth
  • Minimize low-value, administrative tasks
  • Transform AP processes for immediate ROI
  • Immediately add to the bottom line by reducing expenses and late payment fees
  • Much more
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Find out how Coupa can reduce the pressure that is placed on your finance function as your organization seeks to stretch cash and increase profitability.

Learn how Coupa makes it easier for you to process invoices and close the books on time. Moreover, Coupa provides insights into ways to speed up processes and reduce the manual workload.

Request this on-demand demo to find out how you can get immediate value from transforming your AP processes.

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Why is it important to optimize accounts payable processes?

A smooth accounts payable process is important for the success your organization, and it therefore is worth taking the time to get it right.

The primary goal of accounts payable is to manage the money flowing into and out of the business, so the efficiency of the AP department has a direct impact on financial stability. And more than just your financial health is at stake, since the reputation of your company is at risk if your AP processes aren't optimal. We all know how important it is to receive payments, so it is understandable that your vendors will be disappointed if your accounts payable processes aren't efficient.

As your AP department develops greater trust with your vendors, your business will find it can make better deals and enter into greater opportunities, which in turn creates a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

As your company grows and evolves, you will be processing more invoices and financial transactions, and your AP processes will become more complex. The additional time needed for accounts payable processes will then take your attention away from more strategic matters and keep your organization from optimal success.

In order to prioritize the more important tasks, as well as to minimize errors, it is ideal to reduce the accounting department's manual workload. Your employees can then focus on managing payables and optimizing working capital, which are much more crucial to your business's success.

What are some of the benefits of using Coupa for accounts payable transformation?

There are many benefits of Coupa's AP automation solution, as the demo will explain. These include Coupa's enabling you to:

* Digitize and automate a large portion of the AP team's workload, freeing them up to focus on more strategic matters
* More accurately and quickly process invoices using artificial intelligence (AI) and optical character recognition
* Scale rapidly, even with the same number of staff members
* Work more seamlessly with your payables operations
* Accelerate your financial close by bringing comprehensive transaction and reconciliation reports into your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system
* Create purchase order processes that suit the way your AP team's workflow, so they don't have to change how they work to make the software work
* Minimize risk and boost compliance by creating audit trails and approval workflows

How does Coupa differ from other expense management solutions on the market?

You can see everything both before and after expenses are incurred, letting you better control costs and reduce spend leakages whenever opportunities exist. You can also uncover new insights for greater savings and efficiency, allowing you to channel that money back into your business in those areas where it’s needed most.

Coupa’s AP automation solution aims to provide much more value beyond basic expense processing. It helps you identify savings, as well as ensure end-to-end control. Plus, Coupa's solution will grow and evolve with your business. Coupa also has a straightforward setup process that works in conjunction with your existing processes and systems.

Coupa's solution doesn't aim to replace the way you currently do things. Coupa aims to support and empower your employees, so that they can better support and empower your business.

Coupa's account payable automation solution also fits into a larger Business Spend Management platform to enable your business to achieve complete visibility and control of all aspects of business spend.