6 Tips to Scale for Growth With Coupa and NetSuite

Learn how to scale for growth by extending the capabilities of your NetSuite ERP with Coupa. Simplify life for your AP team while minimizing risk, improving compliance, and boosting visibility and control.

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Extend Your NetSuite ERP

Trying to keep up with rapid expansion in invoices, expenses, and purchases as your business grows can make work life tough. Drowning in a sea of paper despite efforts to engage suppliers with electronic invoicing will drive your AP team mad.

Using Coupa to extend your NetSuite ERP boosts ease of use and flexibility, which you need to maximize employee and supplier engagement. Whether preparing you for an IPO or simply growing your business, adoption that delivers efficiency, compliance, and visibility is key to your success.

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Your ERP Can't Do It All

Your ERP system is the financial backbone of your business and it’s great at managing the back office functions you need for finance. But when it comes to eliminating the manual, paper-based accounts payable processes for requisitioning, invoicing, managing working capital and expense reporting - it just can't do it all. Why?

  • Gaps in Financial Controls
  • No End to End AP Automation
  • Not Future-Proof
  • Blind Spots in Financial Processes


How does Coupa enhance the value of your NetSuite ERP?

NetSuite customers that want to quickly scale face many challenges of rapid growth that NetSuite alone cannot solve. Typically, they struggle to keep up with rapid expansion in purchases, suppliers, and invoices. As operations accelerate, Finance and IT teams can be overwhelmed by the pace of growth. Slowing down to get things under control is out of the question. But some high growth companies that use NetSuite ERP are learning how to face down these threats and get on top of the scaling juggernaut by combining the power of NetSuite with the power of Coupa.

What are the 6 tips for NetSuite customers that want to scale quickly (all of which involve the implementation of Coupa to enhance NetSuite's capabilities)?

1. Get visibility and control over spend.
2. Automated Accounts Payable from end to end.
3. Select platforms that are quick and easy to implement.
4. Take finance to the next level.
5. Ensure accuracy in accruals.
6. Manage public market demands.

How can NetSuite customers gain visibility and control over spend by enhancing NetSuite with Coupa?

Finance teams often suffer from limited visibility into corporate spend – all the way from ordering through invoice processing to supplier payment. Many companies have adopted cloud-based ERP systems that provide a strong foundation for financial operations, financial reporting, and compliance. But end users may find these tools cumbersome, even for basic functions. Users are focused on their primary jobs, and they simply go around or avoid systems that are difficult to use. New employees are added every quarter to fuel growth, and it takes time to get them up to speed. Lack of adoption sows the seeds for even more lack of adoption when new employees see others going around the system. In order to take financial operations to the next level, companies need an easy-to-use strategic extension to existing ERP systems, one that is easy for employees and suppliers to learn and that offers real-time visibility into budget impact for approvers.

Don't let your ERP keep you from complete financial control

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