The CIO’s Guide to Business Spend Management

As CIOs at fast-growth companies grapple with critical decisions to transform the business while also balancing limited resources and cutting IT costs, avoiding speculative and high maintenance technologies remains a challenge. Today's budget uncertainties demand a clear understanding of expenditures across siloed departments and the identification of wasteful technology. Business Spend Management (BSM) illuminates spending patterns, connects fragmented processes and solutions, and mitigates risks – all on one easy-to-use platform.

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As CIOs are asked to slash technology budgets, a BSM platform provides them with a data-driven understanding of how to do it at minimal cost to operations. Coupa’s platform creates an environment where investments in technology need not be speculative, and big bets don’t have to be big risks. In fact, our platform is built with IT in mind. That’s why our platform offers no-code configuration, pre-built ERP connectors, and open APIs to make Coupa the low risk option with an accelerated Time to Value.

With a comprehensive view of financial and risk data, CIOs can help steer the business based on numbers, not speculations. Eliminate the guesswork by choosing a platform that enables strategic business decisions and provides predictable ROI.


What is Business Spend Management?

Business Spend Management is like a toolkit for businesses to handle their spending from start to finish. It covers everything from finding suppliers to negotiating contracts, making purchases, and handling invoices. BSM helps companies keep track of their spending, find ways to save money, and make their operations run smoother. In simple terms, it's all about getting the most out of every dollar spent.

What are the benefits of Business Spend Management?

The main benefit of Business Spend Management is giving decision-makers accurate and holistic data to respond strategically to quick-changing market conditions. Other benefits of business spend management include:

Decreasing costs and improving sustainability
Improving employee productivity
Reducing risks
Strengthening financial planning

How does Business Spend Management help CIOs?

Business Spend Management offers CIOs valuable insights into how their peers are spending, equipping them with the necessary data to guide their business decisions effectively. By sharing data across key departments such as Procurement, Accounts Payable, Treasury, Sourcing, Legal, HR, and IT, CIOs gain a comprehensive understanding of the financial flow within the organization. This enables them to make informed choices and steer clear of investing resources in speculative or unproven technologies, ultimately saving time and money.

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