Coupa provides large enterprises with a unified cloud platform that allows you to wrap your arms around all silos of enterprise spend -- procurement, accounts payable and expense management.

Low adoption of legacy software leads to increased maverick spending and poor visibility and controls. Coupa solves adoption issues with an intuitive user interface that resembles familiar consumer ecommerce sites. This combined with enterprise scalability allows your organization to optimize enterprise spend, not just manage it.

By strategically extending your existing financial applications with Coupa, you drive compliance, visibility and cost savings across global business units.

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Spend Responsibility

COUPA FOR large enterprises

You’re at the top of the food chain, some may say. But does that mean you’re optimizing every dollar you spend? Not necessarily. The larger the company, the harder it is to reduce maverick spending and ensure the amount you spend is in direct alignment with your company's objectives. Complicated enterprise supplier management and relationships, multi-national compliance, extensive ERP systems all contribute to one massive headache for your bottom line. With Coupa, your bottom line is our number one priority.

SalesForce on Coupa

Coupa the Clear Choice for Cloud Leader Salesforce

"Coupa is really our strategic partner that we leverage in the procure-to-pay space. Coupa’s ability to operate on a global basis was also a key fit for our needs."

— Ross Meyercord, CIO, SalesForce

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Metrics that Matter

Time savings

Time Flies

A leading retail chain reduced their requisition approval time from 10 days to 5 hours with Coupa.

In savings per month

Clear Savings

A professional services firm estimated savings of $1.2M/month through eliminating rogue spend with Coupa.

2018 Benchmark Report

12 Ways to Measure Business Spend Management Success

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Software that produces Solutions

Coupa provides a full suite of cloud applications that deliver savings and visibility that continually impact the bottom line of large enterprises.


Take a holistic approach to procure to pay processes with Coupa’s Spend Optimization solution.


Open Business Network

Empower your suppliers with free, fast and painless enablement. With Coupa it takes minutes, not days to bring your suppliers on board!



Capture transactions at the source to create a paperless process that expedites approvals while achieving over 85% adoption.