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Building high performing teams through diversity and culture.

Diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords. They can bring real benefits to a business1. Smart corporate boards have recognized that to be an industry leader, it is critical to tap into the full talent pool.

But how do you encourage leaders to embrace diversity and create a collaborative culture that leads to increased team performance?
How do you avoid groupthink and leverage a wider variety of perspectives to solve problems faster2?

In this panel session over breakfast on 7 Nov, you will learn how others have succeeded. Our panellists are leaders in their industries. You'll come away energised and ready to get started in your own organisation:

  • Hear our panellists' own experiences of overcoming obstacles to get to the top of their profession
  • Network with peers from all over Europe and share best practice
  • Get inspiration and feel empowered to make a difference

Thursday 7 Nov

07:15 - 08:15

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Sally Davis Zurich

Sally Davis

AE Finance

Phil Thomas Barclays

Phil Thomas

Managing Director,
Head of Global Sourcing

Helen Robson Coupa

Helen Robson

Vice President,
Services & Value Management

Coupa Software


Sally Stephens Coupa

Sally Stephens

VP Alliances & Coupa Empower Lead

Coupa Software

About Coupa Empower

We have a mission to build a community that celebrates women’s achievements and improves diversity, inclusion and equality. As part of our diversity programme, we created Empower to develop relationships across sectors, expand leaderships skills, and provide mentorship and inspiration.