CPO Community: How to be a Procurement Spendsetter

With the following speakers:

Sigrid Brendel

Davide Campari-Milano SpA

Jarkko Sakki

Chief Procurement Officer & Vice President
Telia Company

Martin Fog

Vice President, Procurement Operations
Novo Nordisk

Juha Taipalinen

Vice President of Procurement

Procurement professionals belong at the nexus of any company because they can deliver incredible amounts of strategic value to their businesses. A panel of leading CPOs explains how BSM helps Procurement leaders elevate their teams and themselves to become strategic value drivers for their companies. They describe reliable practices for leveraging best-in-class technology and modern processes to achieve the best results, and ways to organize cross-functional teams, partner with Finance and IT, and engage with the Community to ensure effective business spend management across the organization.

Frank Cappel