Christian Horner

Christian Horner

Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula One Team

Christian Horner OBE is Team Principal of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing Formula One Team.

As Team Principal of Aston Martin Red Bull Racing, Christian manages an 800-strong work force that produces two Formula One cars to race at each round of the Formula One Championship.

Christian joined the team when Red Bull first took it over ahead of the 2005 season and became the youngest Team Principal in the paddock, aged just 31. He went on to develop the team and achieve four back-to-back World Championships from 2010-2013, as well as four Driver’s titles with Sebastian Vettel, making the team one of the most successful in F1 of all time. The team has finished in the top four in the Constructors’ Championship ever since.

During Formula One Race weekends, Christian’s role is similar to that of a Sports Manager. At 21 races, in 21 countries across 5 continents, he sits on the pit wall and directs his on-field team in front of a global TV audience of millions. Often making split second decisions that can win or lose a race. Every move, defeat and success is witnessed and analysed, with no place to hide. He directs the team and then faces the world’s F1 media.

In the week, he’s a business operative, a CEO, tasked with motivating and overseeing a staff of 800 people, working towards a goal of winning races, out-developing the competition and creating a working environment that attracts and retains the best. F1 has been described as the World’s biggest team sport and every member has a significant part to play in getting the car across the finish line in the highest possible place.

Working with top F1 drivers, such as four-times World Champion Sebastian Vettel, Mark Webber, David Coulthard and Max Verstappen, as well as F1 heavyweights like Bernie Ecclestone, Jean Todt and Chase Carey, Christian can offer a fascinating insight into life in the fast lane.