Driving Rapid Value Through Savings with Coupa Advantage


Gracia 6

With the following speakers:

Will Buckley

Finance Transformation Lead

David Berger

Global Director - Procurement Transformation

Jeff Bowman

Director, Private Equity & GPO Sales
National Rental Car

Chris McGowan

Director, National Sales

Brett Martine

Director, Strategic Channel Partnerships

Companies often struggle with fragmented suppliers and unsourced indirect spend categories. They may have limited resources to manage all of their spend categories and endure challenges finding quality suppliers. Don Darby, General Manager of Coupa Advantage, leads this interactive panel, which will reveal how Coupa Advantage provides measurable value from trusted suppliers. The panel addresses best practices to drive savings and see immediate ROI with Coupa Advantage. It shows how to accelerate supplier enablement by taking advantage of free Coupa Advantage suppliers and how to consolidate suppliers and get quick content with Coupa certified suppliers.