Shine a Light on Shadow IT to Reduce Risk, Improve Efficiency, and Accelerate Innovation


Gracia 7

With the following speakers:

Patchen Noelke

Sr. Director of Global Solutions

Thanks to cloud and SaaS delivery models that have made it easier for anyone to buy technology, business units are no longer tethered to IT for technology procurement. While this means that today's companies can scale more efficiently, this also means that today's CFOs and CIOs face maverick technology spend that is harder to control and riskier. Modern organizations need powerful technology spend oversight that controls technology spend without compromising the ability to scale and operate efficiently. This session covers customer case studies, original research and best practices for finance to put an end to:
• Overprovisioned & untracked SaaS licenses & cloud instances
• Loss of purchasing power from a fragmented vendor portfolio
• Increased risk exposure for security and regulatory compliance