Conquering Paper Invoices: Go Digital On Day One


Gracia 7

With the following speakers:

John Dreyer

President and CEO
The Shelby Group

Chris Gregory

Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
DXP Enterprises, Inc.

Sue Gonzalez

Director of M&A Integrations
DXP Enterprises, Inc.

Kent Yee

Senior Vice President Chief Financial Officer
DXP Enterprises, Inc.

In Business Spend Management, getting suppliers to submit invoices in actionable digital formats is the first step to a successful digital transformation. With more digital invoicing, companies can better capture operational efficiencies and benefit from analytics and community intelligence. In this session, hear how DXP, a distributor to the oil and gas industry, went fully “Digital on Day One” with all 18,000+ of their suppliers. The Shelby Group will share best practices from years of experience driving digital invoicing, including the development of a CoupaLink Certified Digital Invoice Tool. This is an opportunity to learn tips to invoicing tips and concrete next steps.