José Fernando González

Applications Administrator
Colombia Compra Eficiente

José Fernando González is the applications admin of the Colombian National Public Procurement Agency, better known as Colombia Compra Eficiente (CCE), where Jose manages the technological applications used by the agency to offer the best services to citizens and parties in the Colombian public purchasing.

A systems and computer engineer graduated from the Universidad Javariana in Cali-Colombia in 2002, José started as a developer in several programming languages such as Java, Php and .NET. Then in 2004 he led a quality assurance team, verifying that developments met quality standards, from analysis to production output.

Since 2006 he has worked as technology project manager in various sectors such as the financial sector, telecommunications, data analysis projects, platform implementation (ERP, CRM), systems integration and custom development.

In 2013 he joined CCE, supporting the acquisition of procurement tools for public entities, and that same year he managed the project for the implementation of Coupa as the purchasing platform of the country's price framework agreements. He has been working on new requirements and developments to strengthen the Coupa platform that today, enable several state entities to make purchases of more than $1B annually, through more than 30 framework agreements and 5 catalogs with national retail chains.