Whether you're trying to expand your current lemonade stand, open a brick and mortar store, franchise out, or eventually sell, it's the same simple recipe to successfully reach any of your goals:
water, lemons, sugar, and ice.

Ingredient 1 Water

Water, the basis of this recipe, is like your ERP system - the financial backbone of your business. While it is necessary, alone it definitely isn't enough to make your business successful. Adding layers of flavor will extend its value. The same goes for your ERP system - it can't do it all and we have six reasons why.

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Ingredient 2 Lemons

Like lemons, P2P (and its implementation) gets a sour reputation, but when added on top of your ERP system there's nothing sweeter. With Coupa, the ERP + P2P combo leads to real and impactful results. Because of that, we've put together 16 KPIs to help you benchmark yourself against your peers.

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Ingredient 3 Sugar

Now that you've swallowed the sour truth about your ERP system, we're going to sweeten things up with some sugar. Extending your ERP with Coupa also means true AP automation, increased employee adoption, and painless supplier onboarding. Even sweeter, we've put together a 5 step guide to show you how to revolutionize your AP process.

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Ingredient 4 Ice

Ice, ice baby. You could have the most delicious lemonade but trying to sell it warm is just leaving money on the table. The same goes with your business. You've made the strategic decision to extend your ERP investment but If you're NOT taking advantage of Early Payment Discouts (EPD) and Supply Chain Financing (SCF) to Treasury Management, you're leaving money on the table.

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Every business is like a lemonade stand and we've got the recipe for your success!

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