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Coupa Announces Executive Advisory Board

Global leaders aim to accelerate impact of spend management innovation on business agility, supply chain collaboration, and economic growth

SAN MATEO, CA – April 21, 2016 – Coupa Software, a leader in cloud-based  spend management solutions, announced today that it has formed a new Executive Advisory Board (EAB) comprised of top business leaders from various industries that will rethink how companies can raise profits and reduce costs with cloud-based spend management. The EAB’s goal is to transform how enterprises manage their spending while achieving improved employee productivity and contract compliance in the new digital economy.
EAB member and The Global Fund’s Chief Information Officer Paul Tuxford said the Board will help with his efforts to transform the information technology function of his organization by incorporating additional aspects of technology service delivery, including Coupa, for its office in Geneva, Switzerland and partners worldwide. “I am joining this team of leaders so The Global Fund can actively contribute to the rapid growth of Coupa to innovate around our dynamic needs and to support our vital mission of fighting AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria,” /Tuxford said.

The EAB is led by Coupa’s Executive Strategic Advisor Kendra Von Esh and includes current and former business executives. The group will convene for the first time on May 10, 2016 in San Francisco at Coupa Inspire, the company’s annual user conference.

“This is a unique opportunity to think about how we better develop a culture around corporate policies require people to follow,” said Todd Dooley, a member of the EAB and vice president of finance at H&R Block. “It allows us to share our experiences across procurement, finance, IT and to learn from others and collaborate on interesting paths forward.”

There are 16 inaugural members of the Coupa EAB including 14 external members and two corporate members. External members of the Coupa EAB, listed below, include recognized leaders across finance, procurement and information technology and cover financial services, healthcare, energy, banking, technology, food and beverage, and retail industries.

The Coupa corporate members of the EAB are:

  • Kendra Von Esh, Executive Strategic Advisor, Coupa Software
  • Donna Wilczek, Vice President Strategy and Product Marketing, Coupa Software

“In spend management, it’s critical to have CPOs, CFOs and CIOs working together for maximum business value,” said Von Esh, who implemented Coupa while she was CIO at Veolia North America. “We’re bringing top executives together to strategize about working more effectively, the relationship of technology and the economy, and to develop best practices and create the future of spend management.”

The initial goals of the EAB will be to:

  1. increase knowledge on how strategic spend management can fund growth initiatives and deliver bottom-line results; thus making it the new business financial imperative,
  2. define productivity-enhancing business processes and hybrid cloud IT management best practices to maximize technology investments,
  3. expand open network models to maximize collaboration and reduce supply chain costs,
  4. influence cloud spend management technology in the digital age via collaborative innovation.

“Ensuring customer success is the most important thing we do at Coupa. Our technology innovations are disrupting this market because we collaborate with and can rapidly deliver measurable business value for our customers, their employees and their suppliers,” said Donna Wilczek, vice president strategy and product marketing at Coupa. “This board will fuel us to innovate even faster than ever before as the collective thought leadership and passion of this team is, put simply, a rocket booster.”

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