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Coupa Redefines Mobile Expense Management

New features meet customer needs for today’s mobile workforces 

SAN MATEO, Calif. – February 19, 2015 – Coupa Software, the leading provider of cloud-based spend management solutions, announced today state-of-the-art mobile expense technology that brings the ease of consumer applications and social computing to expense reporting.

Coupa’s new solutions drive productivity and satisfaction by enabling employees to record expenses in real time, through intelligent voice activation that uses natural language interaction. Combining an easy-to-use front-end user experience with Coupa’s streamlined back-end integration allows the world’s largest enterprises to track expenses, monitor policies and comply in real time.

Coupa is the only expense management provider today that uses this level of intelligent voice capture to create and automatically classify expense items. Users simply describe their basic expense details to the Coupa mobile app, which then recognizes terms, categorizes items and automatically populates them into expense reports.

“Companies today are hungry for solutions that simplify the process for employees to submit expenses,” said Henry Ijams, Lead Analyst at PayStream Advisors. “Coupa has implemented key enhancements like voice control in its platform while maintaining simplicity of use for today’s increasingly mobile workforce.”

By applying the same functionality used in everyday life to expense management, Coupa is alleviating the pain employees feel when it comes to submitting expenses, driving widespread adoption and increased compliance for greater real-time spend visibility for customers.

New features include:

  • Intelligent Voice Capture – freeing mobile workers from their keyboards, Coupa is taking the industry far beyond basic voice entry. Intelligent voice capture parses spoken sentences and populates each expense item detail accordingly – including event, date, price and location.
  • Pop-up Policy Confirmation and Explanation – reinforcing Coupa’s mission to provide on-the-go compliance, policy confirmations are automated for each expense item. The app confirms compliance with travel policies and provides the underlying policy information to help users make better decisions for the company. 
  • Auto Classification for Expense Items – streamlining the data entry process for employees, the app offers auto-recognition of commonly used expense terms. Expense items are automatically categorized in real-time, based on the usage patterns across Coupa’s significant customer base. This drives reporting accuracy so the back office can have real time reporting without data misclassification.
  • Itemization & Multi-Day Split — employees now have access to more functionality on the go. Users can easily categorize their expenses and provide further detail into expense sub-lines and items with full itemization for lodging, meals, travel and more. In addition, customers can also take advantage of the Multi-Day Split feature in order to provide detail into spend spread out over a period of time or a group, such as multiple-night hotel stays or dinners with multiple attendees.

“Coupa's unrelenting focus on ease-of-use for all users translates into expense management software that simplifies entry, streamlines review, eliminates paper pushing and reduces administrative effort,” said Raja Hammoud, vice president of products at Coupa. “We want to provide the best and most intuitive expense reporting experience available today – and that means using innovative approaches like voice, auto-classification and others to strip away the time required to create expense reports, track down receipts and reconcile credit card statements. We’re excited to redefine our industry in terms of innovation and customer expectations.”

Coupa is committed to delivering impactful spend management solutions that drive top- and bottom-line savings for customers. Applying consumerization strategies to mobile offerings and incorporating collaborative procurement solutions - as enabled by the recent acquisition of ZenPurchase - Coupa offers an easy-to-use system that integrates and easy integration with account payable applications such as those from Netsuite, QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle and others.

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