Loved by procurement Built for IT.

CIOs are looking to modernise, tackle complexity and reduce cost. CPOs are looking for new ways to manage and optimise spend across the business. Coupa offers the best for both worlds being loved by procurement and built for IT.

TOGETHER Watch Now eBook Loved by procurement Built for IT Is your ERP good enough for procurement?

Six reasons to say yes when procurement evaluates Coupa.

CIOs are understandably reluctant to introduce new spend management solutions particularly if they have an option from an existing ERP vendor. While mission critical ERP systems are great for some, theyre not always perfect for procurement. Discover why a dedicated approach could be better for your procurement users, your business and your IT department.

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Simpler Adoption

Easy-to-use and user-centric UI drives maximum adoption. Everything procurement needs in a single, unified platform - sourcing, risk management, invoicing, treasury, payments and more.

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Faster Time-to-Value

Rapid development and innovation brings instant value to users. Feature rich with three major releases a year adding hundreds of customer-driven feature improvements with no hidden costs.

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Smarter Decisions

AI-powered Community Intelligence provides actionable risk, fraud and spend insights. Optimise spend and increase savings by leveraging collective learnings from the entire Coupa user community.

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Simpler Integration

Seamlessly integrates with multiple ERP applications. Flexible enough to still meet unique business needs without custom coding or high-cost support from external consultancies.

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Faster Deployment

Open approach and architecture makes deployment a straightforward, low cost, and predictable process in a fraction of the time it takes for ERP module deployments or upgrades.

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Smarter Savings

Highest adoption rates in the industry guarantees licence utilisation and fast ROI. One system to manage spend avoids having multiple systems to maintain, support or pay.

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"As a CIO theres a trio of things you want: 100% adoption; people liking the system; and achieving your ROI. A lot of times, projects just dont book the savings and people question, Why did we invest those millions of dollars in that system? What did we get out of that? Coupa was one of the only times in my 10 years of experience as a CIO that Ive realized this trio."





"From an IT perspective, Coupa helped us to realise value, not only by having only one system to manage, which is of course a big asset, but also by going to the cloud, which means less infrastructure cost to manage, and a guarantee to keep the level of custom code low."

Thomas Lang



Coupa named a Magic Quadrant Leader for the fifth time in a row

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