Australian Unity

Australian Unity Selects Coupa for Ease of Use, Spend Visibility and Control, and Cost Savings

Australian Unity wanted to make it easy for staff and suppliers to transact. But outdated manual processes frustrated their efforts and led to a lack of transparency. With Coupa's help, they saved $16M in 2 years, exceeding goals. 

Australia Unity needed an easy-to-use way to attain visibility into spend and control over it. They also sought to maximize compliance, efficiency, and cost savings. With Coupa, they were able to save AUS$1.6 million in two years, while improving transparency and control over expenditures.

Our ability to transform rapidly in a fast-moving world has increased significantly since we've used Coupa.
Warren Dick, General Manager for Procurement, Australian Unity

Australian Unity chose Coupa’s BSM platform for its accessibility and ease of use. Insurance agents, financial experts, on-the-go caregivers, and diverse vendors alike found it intuitive  and effective. The newly integrated BSM processes provided more transparency and demanded less heavy lifting of the finance team and suppliers while supporting the procurement, invoicing, and vendor  management capabilities that other internal users needed.