Coupa Procurement

Purchasing Sophistication Meets Consumer-Like Experience

Coupa Procurement enables you to:

  • Maximize spend under management
  • Gain full visibility and control of purchases
  • Ensure user adoption and overall value.

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Bring the ease of consumer shopping to your procurement experience. With company-wide adoption, you'll achieve full visibility and control while saving your employees valuable time.

Simplify your purchase requisition and order processes and track them in real-time to get the most pre-approved spend flowing through your procurement system.

Coupa’s Source-to-Pay provides a modern procurement design experience to ease adoption for every employee and supplier.

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What are the main pain points that Coupa's procurement automation solution addresses?

Many other procurement automation solutions are difficult to use and therefore procurement teams have a challenging time achieving user adoption. Coupa is designed with the user in mind, enabling users to purchase products and services from a consumer-like user interface. As a result, user adoption is high, and procurement teams are thus able to achieve a much higher level of spend under management. In addition, many organizations have difficulty seeing all of their spend in one place, especially with multiple payment and purchasing systems in place. Organizational silos also prevent this unified view of spend. Coupa aims to break down these silos to unite all spend in one place, giving you maximum visibility and control. Another common challenge that companies face with other solutions is the need for time-consuming manual processes. Coupa aims to give you the most value for your employees' time. With streamlined, automated processes, Coupa saves valuable time and money, minimizes error, and maximizes compliance. Many Coupa customers are delighted with how quickly they are able to implement Coupa, and they often claim that Coupa pays for itself rapidly.

What are the main reasons that companies select Coupa for procurement management?

There are many reasons that companies select Coupa to manage their procurement, procure-to-pay, source-to-pay, purchasing requisition, and sourcing processes. One of the top reasons is that Coupa quickly provides visibility into all spend within an organization, such that you get a complete picture of all expenditures and thus have greater control over spend. Coupa customers are able to easily compare their Key Performance Indicators against best practices. These KPI's include the percentage

of total purchase orders that are approved and received by suppliers electronically, the average time it takes to process purchase orders, from the initial requisition to the final, approved PO, the time between when the supplier submits a time sheet to the customer and when the customer completes approvals, and many others. Coupa customers can therefore evaluate how they are performing compared to top procurement teams and can then focus their efforts on their weak areas.

Another reason many companies choose Coupa is the ability to attain their commitments to environmental, social, and governance goals.
Coupa enables users to identify and direct spend to diverse suppliers and thus benchmark business impact such as the percentage of diverse suppliers and supply chain sustainability.

Coupa procurement software also guides your employees through the buying process, and Coupa prioritizes preferred products and services in searches so as to take advantage discounted pricing and other advantageous terms. Coupa Procure includes Coupa Open Buy, which gathers catalog items from punchout suppliers into unified search results. Users can therefore find preferred items more quickly, enabling Coupa customers to maximize spend-on-contract.

Coupa also enables procurement professionals to detect fraud and manage third-party risk more effectively. By using artificial intelligence and machine learning Coupa SpendGuard identifies errors and fraud automatically.

Are there any Coupa customer stories that demonstrate the value of Coupa procurement software?

We encourage you to check out the Customers section of our website to browse all of our customer stories.

Below are a list of several customer stories that highlight the benefits of Coupa Procure:

1. Sanofi consolidated 22 systems into one unified Coupa platform, and they now have visibility across the globe in order to maintain compliance, maximize user adoption among 60,000 users, and ensure they have control of their €10B spend under management.

2. Salesforce transformed their global procurement processes and used configurable automation to manage 80% of spend. They also improved supplier management and improved their bottom line using Coupa's spend analytics.

3. The American Red Cross implemented Coupa to improve visibility into spend, optimize inventory, reduce the use of paper, and maximize the amount of on-contract spend. They are on track to attain a triple overall return on investment, and they also have been able to increase their spend with diverse suppliers to meet their Diversity & Inclusion goals.

4. MGM Resorts International faced the challenge of managing $7 billion in spend and 1 million paper invoices. With Coupa, they were able to achieve visibility into all of their spend across all of their worldwide locations. They were able to quickly gain value from process efficiencies using Coupa to manage their procurement processes.