Company Name: BearingPoint

Coupa Partner Since: 2015

Countries Supported: We have 38 offices in 22 countries

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Company Overview

In the business world, change is constant – dynamics shift, customers’ needs evolve and the unexpected can happen. At BearingPoint, we understand this, and know each client needs a different solution.

To be successful, clients employ BearingPoint consultants who can understand and adapt to this complex environment: consultants who can judge the appropriate course of action, and apply strategic insights and operational and technological skills exactly when and where needed.

This adaptive and intelligent approach, combined with our sense of commitment is what our clients value. That is why it is at the heart of our culture.

We recruit and nurture only those who embrace this fully. We encourage them to challenge, support and engage with our clients – to develop intimate and fruitful relationships.

This is why clients entrust BearingPoint to create value through successful transformation.

Differentiating BearingPoint

Creating sustainable value for our clients

We differentiate ourselves by delivering sustainable value to our clients

  • We know our clients and their culture, and our consultants are driven by client business objectives
  • We are the trusted and independent advisor of our clients, and we look for tangible and measurable value improvements to their business
  • Based on our deep knowledge of the client’s core business, we develop powerful approaches to transforming people, processes and technologies
  • We are very collaborative and easy to work with. We tailor our approach and deliverables to our client’s specific needs
  • We focus on sustainable results through effective execution, and we deliver what we promise

Our positioning in the market place

Business Consulting enabled by management, technological and transformational skills