Bluvault + Coupa

Value Creation in Spend Management


Company Name: Bluvault Solutions

Coupa Partner Since: 2014

Countries Supported: United States, Canada

Company Website/Preferred Link:

Company Overview

Bluvault is a premier Coupa implementation and CoupaLink technology partner. Our approach to implementations challenges the traditional consulting model. We offer proprietary tools and capabilities that accelerate implementations by 30-45%. Coupa clients benefit from our innovation in significant ways:

  • Experienced management consultants
  • In-depth knowledge of Coupa platform and best practice configurations
  • Ability to expedite implementations by providing key specialists including change management experts and testing leads
  • Thought leaders in Procurement, Sourcing, and Corporate Travel & Expense

Coupa clients look to Bluvault to help them in the following areas:

  • Implementations: Bluvault specializes in rapid deployments for growth companies that are leveraging Coupa to transform their Procurement, Expenses, and Accounts Payable functions. Bluvault’s seasoned team of consultants has worked with over 90 clients across all industries, and 20+ different ERPs including NetSuite, Intacct, QuickBooks, Sage, and Great Plains. Coupa modules we have implemented include Procurement, Invoicing, Expenses, InvoiceSmash, Inventory, and SIM. We offer tools and capabilities to enable best practices, accelerate deployments and minimize client resource involvement.
  • Integrations: Bluvault is a CoupaLink certified partner that provides a turnkey solution to clients that have limited IT resources or need assistance. The Bluvault Connector can be modified to support any ERP and all Coupa objects using APIs or flat file integrations. Ongoing support and maintenance is provided to keep up with new releases and business changes. With our Connectors, clients can save up to 80% of the time required by their IT departments on Coupa implementations.
  • Supplier Enablement: Companies have success with supplier enablement when they can envision the future with Coupa, align suppliers to best fit their capabilities and preferences, and systematically promote adoption with a proven approach. Bluvault helps companies of all sizes and industries to define a strategic vision, roadmap and provides specialized, multi-language capabilities that simply get results.
  • Custom Training: Bluvault offers customized user and Coupa admin training via videos, quick reference guides, and classroom sessions. Clients rolling out Coupa to multiple countries or large groups of users leverage Bluvault’s custom user videos to provide a consistent and repeatable onboarding process with client specific policies and branding.
  • Other Support: Bluvault offers solutions to address diverse client requirements such as Coupa re-configuration for new ERP implementations, company spin-offs, advanced API requests, changes in client’s chart of accounts, major release testing, optimization of custom approval chains, rollouts to new business units or countries, new Coupa modules, credit card and travel site integrations, additional punchouts setup, optimization of Coupa settings, setup of hosted catalogs / items, and ad hoc Coupa Admin support.


"The Apex Parks Group was thrilled to achieve a six-week Coupa implementation with the help from the Bluvault team." - Brenda Morris, CFO

"Bluvault was extremely helpful in delivering a well thought out configuration and guiding our team to quickly realize value with our Coupa implementation." - Ann Truong, Controller & Implementation Lead