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Company Name: EFESO Consulting

Coupa Partner Since: 2010

Countries Supported: 35 offices worldwide supported by 500 consultants

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Company Overview

Founded in 1980, EFESO Consulting is a leading global pure player in industrial operational excellence 4.0. We help organisations reach tangible industrial results both in the short and in the long term by integrating process, digital and human dynamics. Thus, we amplify and accelerate tangible progression, while from the start ensuring anchoring and sustainability of achievements. We work in tandem with our clients bringing hands-on experience and helping them boost their end-2-end value chain with specific in-depth expertise in Manufacturing, Supply Chain and R&D.

We are pragmatic in exploiting new technological opportunities, focusing on results rather than concepts. We also have an excellent team with fantastic capability in COUPA SUPPLY CHAIN DESIGN & PLANNING and our people are passionate about industrial operational excellence and act as natural partners for progression both on the floor as in the board room.

We have a large footprint allowing us to support our clients in all continents. In the DACH region, we operate under the name of ROI - EFESO.

EFESO Consulting features in the Gartner 2020 ‘MARKET GUIDE FOR SUPPLY CHAIN STRATEGY & OPERATIONS CONSULTING’ RESEARCH NOTE as a top Supply Chain consulting company and EFESO was also selected by ALM Intelligence as the only truly global operational excellence pure player in the Top 5!

Contact us for further information and in the message please mention “Coupa - Supply Chain Design & Planning”.