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Guidant Global + COUPA

Company Name: Guidant Global

Coupa Partner Since: 2019

Countries Supported: United States

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Company Overview

Guidant Global is part of the Impellam Group plc family of companies. We are an industry-leading workforce solutions company, providing services and insights to global firms, currently overseeing talent management programs for 125+ clients worldwide. Our team manage more than 220,000 contingent workers annually in 80+ countries for our managed services clients.

Guidant Global is committed to collaborating, thinking creatively and delivering new and better talent solutions for the workplace of today. Simply put, the ultimate mission of Guidant Global is to challenge and transform the one-size-fits-all, quick-fix, impersonal, and rush-to-revenue approach which prevails across the MSP market by delivering new and better solutions for the workplace of today.

Everything we do is about delivering a better way for everyone – for our clients, our suppliers and our people.

Offering managed services since 1998, we were a pioneer in MSP design, recognized as experts in the development, implementation and management of scalable workforce solutions, focused on program delivery, cost savings, reporting, risk mitigation and process improvement.

Our solutions include managed services provider (MSP), payroll, independent contractor (IC), statement of work (SOW), recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), contingent recruitment process outsourcing, professional services and consulting.

Solution Overview

Guidant Global focuses on fully customized program design and innovative solutions. Guidant Global offers workforce solutions that improve the overall quality and value of your contingent workforce through:

  • Streamlined processes to create efficiencies, improve quality and reduce cycle time
  • Best-in-class workflow automation tools
  • Responsible supplier management that improves performance and offers supplier mentoring
  • Cost management practices that provide both direct and indirect cost savings
  • Implementation, training, and communication that fosters effective change management
  • Industry leading, robust reporting capabilities
  • Policy development and implementation to mitigate operational, financial, and legal risks
  • Oversight and auditing to ensure contract, policy and program compliance
  • Dedicated, experienced program management to drive performance
  • Service excellence and innovative practices that keep our clients on the cutting edge of talent management

Guidant Global’s strategic approach to MSP design, development and delivery is built on our ability to provide customized solutions based on our clients’ business needs. Utilizing best practices that drive value, our comprehensive services feature:

  • Program management: Expert teams with proven success in customer relationship management, the staffing industry and program operations.
  • Technology and implementation management: Best practices that ensure program adoption and optimize technology delivery and tools.
  • Performance management, reporting and analytics: Program performance reporting, analytics and consulting that lead to informed decisions and improved workforce planning
  • Process management: By applying defined, repeatable processes, we ensure enterprise-wide service consistency and compliance (requisition, issue resolution, billing).
  • Engagement management: Our program teams provide high touch customer service while facilitating the end-to-end contingent worker procurement process.
  • Risk mitigation: Identifying and precluding inherent risk associated with engagement of talent across the spectrum of solutions.
  • Supplier Relationship Management: We recognize the importance of a strong and optimized supply base, therefore, we deliver a responsible, high-touch and compliance driven supply base that increases the effectiveness and quality of your program.
  • Financial management: Implementing cost containment and avoidance strategies.
  • Market intelligence: Information relevant to your talent acquisition strategy, including industry trends, market analysis, technology analysis etc. to assist in driving program success.

Guidant Global design end-to-end, technology-enabled solutions encompassing all labor categories, helping clients transform their contingent labor plan from a tactical approach into a strategic solution using a Total Talent Management approach.

Guidant blends multiple talent categories to optimize a contingent workforce using a suite of integrated, scalable services that include:

  • Managed services (MSP): Guidant is first and foremost an MSP specialist, designing and managing custom end-to-end programs, our services portfolio enables clients to maximize their ROI by implementing a managed services solution that integrates multiple services
  • Payroll: Direct and partnered payroll service solutions to meet our clients’ unique requirements through: (1) Guidant direct and/or partnership with payroll service providers, (2) oversight of payroll services and (3) leveraging client spend for maximum service delivery quality.
  • Statement of work (SOW): Supporting the procurement of services/projects engagement, headcount and deliverables management that includes decision support services, requisition facilitation, contracting, on/off-boarding, milestone/deliverables tracking, invoicing and PO processing, and supplier management.
  • Independent contractor (IC) compliance: Services include valuating existing and future IC populations, and managing IC engagements through our in-house compliance team that consists of industry SMEs, legal counsel and screening experts.
  • Contingent recruitment process outsourcing: Also known as direct sourcing, this service combines the expertise of your client brand and our talent curation teams to directly source and build custom pools of talent that include new candidates or known, internal talent sources.
  • Profile management: An integrated, streamlined method of validating, classifying and tracking a non-employee workforce that mitigates risk and ensures a safe, efficient engagement, including worker on-/off-boarding and time/expense management for all non-employee workers.
  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO): Managing all or part of a client’s recruitment processes by acting as your internal recruitment function (recruitment through on-boarding and reporting) to improve time to hire, increase candidate quality, provide verifiable metrics, reduce hiring cost and improve compliance.
  • Business process outsourcing (BPO): Process engineering and process outsourcing to reduce costs and improve productivity in back-office areas of medium-to-large organizations, including Human Resources, Information Technology, Engineering, Accounting, Procurement, Helpdesk, Call Center, etc.
  • Professional services and consulting: A component-based professional services and consulting offering helping clients navigate the challenges of selecting the workforce solution that will prove a “right fit” for a client’s operations.

Functional Overview

We are a services provider that partners with Coupa CCW to either:

  • Implement an end to end Guidant Global MSP + Coupa CCW VMS solution
  • Implement Coupa CCW as a systems integrator and offer the client professional services and consulting if they are self-managing the process of contingent labor acquisition and management
  • Simply implement Coupa CCW as a systems integrator of the VMS tool

Implementation Methodology

Guidant’s four-phased implementation methodology utilizes Project Management Institute (PMI) best practices, alongside our best practice experience from over 20 years of implementation services, allowing us to anticipate potential risks. Implementation activities are segmented into four (4) phases.

  • Phase 1: Initiation & Plan – Upon contract award, we will meet with the client’s project sponsorship to review the timeline, identify the client’s internal project team members, review communication/change management plans and establish status reporting structure.
  • Phase 2: Execute – Upon approval of all project-related plans constructed during Phase 1, we meet with our client’s SMEs in Procurement, HR, Finance, Facilities and IT to perform our Organizational Assessment, documenting current-state processes and policies before presenting the future-state solution. Concurrently, we will review a client’s current supply chain composition and practices to make recommendations designed to achieve overall program objectives regarding supplier coverage, rationalization or expansion, and diversity goals. We then finalize system design so that we can begin documenting process, policies and procedures.
  • Phase 3: Monitor & Control – Upon client approval of the proposed VMS configuration and program documentation, Guidant will initiate change management activities. Near the close of this phase, Guidant will conduct final systems testing and identify internal client employees and external suppliers for training.
  • Phase 4: Close – At the successful conclusion of systems testing and client’s approval, we deploy the solution and conduct a post-launch assessment to identify lessons learned. During this stage, Guidant releases final stakeholder communications, which includes a request for feedback to continuously improve our processes and identify best practices specific to the client that could be used as a benchmark for future Coupa CCW deployments.

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