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Company Name: Parade Consulting

Coupa Partner Since: 2021

Countries Supported: Global

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Company Overview

Parade Consulting has a mission to help clients deliver best in class performance and tangible benefits from their finance and procurement systems.

We have supported multiple case study Coupa projects in global and mid-sized organisations. Our team has Coupa implementation experience across the following countries: UK, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Guam, Saipan, Brunei, Macau, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, US, Canada.

We pride ourselves on being different. We believe the market is moving away from the traditional packaged consulting offering and towards flexible, value driven resourcing solutions. Our complete focus is on providing excellent teams and measurable business value for all our clients.

We achieve this through:

  • Our approach: We focus on what we do best. We have over twenty years of experience in Source-to-Pay solutions and have augmented both our consulting partners and client-side teams. We know how important it is to understand a client’s operation and culture and we have the skills to support across all areas of an implementation, flexibly. Like Coupa, we believe in the power of community and are open to advising clients well before supporting implementation. We tend to work with CFOs and CPOs to help them agree at C-level the best approach and value case for digital transformation
  • Our Methodology: Our approach is focused on change management from strategy through to completion, always with the business and value case in mind. We design processes and solutions innovatively and not only bring a proven toolkit but also support and embed the change on the ground. Our post go live model goes beyond simply a few weeks of hand holding: we see the system through to leading performance, with reporting & analytics toolkits to track and manage success metrics. Typically our projects achieve 90%+ on compliance and automation KPIs.
  • Our People: Our Coupa consultants have many years of Source-to-Pay experience and are at the top of their chosen expert area, whether that is change management, solution and integration design, data and analytics or supplier management. With our competitive pricing model, we offer excellent value and our team is motivated by tangible customer success. We have a reputation among our clients for the quality of our services and our flexible approach.