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Business Consulting, Deals, Tax and Accounting Expertise

Company Name: Procurement Garage

Coupa Partner Since: 2016

Countries Supported: Brazil

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Company Overview

Procurement Garage is a tailored consulting company designed to offer our knowledge in Procurement and Supply Chain Management. Our brand name has emerged by the combination of procurement intelligence with innovation and creativity, and our approach contributes in a very consistent way to our projects, respecting clients’ cultures and attending Procurement/SCM necessities.

We have expertise designed to offer Coupa’s cloud solution to our clients, providing them with the best practices of spend management, TCO and risks reduction, compliance, and strategic sourcing events.


Procurement Garage has had a vast experience providing sourcing events for top multinational companies in the food & beverages, healthcare, technology, and entertainment industries, amongst others. With over 20 bids for multiple companies, Procurement Garage was able to achieve the maximum best price for strategic goods and services within Brazilian companies.

In total, we are proud to say we have provided an average of 30% in savings through the Coupa Sourcing Platform. Through this, PG’s clients were able to realize the potential of the tool, leading them to acquire the solution for a unified and organized purchase process across one single platform.