Capacity to identify and mitigate the risk factors


Company Name: GRUPO QUANAM

Coupa Partner Since: 2017

Countries Supported: Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay

Company Website/Preferred Link:

Company Overview

"The combination of our differential competencies and the capacity to identify and mitigate the risk factors involved in our Customers´ Projects allow Quanam to offer our commitment to deliver Projects within established terms, in high quality conditions and according to the specifications defined, by the fixed price quoted.

Quanam is a knowledge and innovation company, capable of offering in any country within Latin America, and even in remote countries, talent and experience for overcoming the greatest business challenges. We are also capable of offering to our Customers, as we have already done with hundreds of leading Clients in the region, the business – IT tools required to obtain concrete results, exceeding the competition, conquering a market, or innovating in their own businesses.

Our experience in implementing and sustaining hundreds of IT based business solutions, including ERP (Enterprise Resources Planning), SCM (Supply Chain Management) and SRM (Suppliers´ Relationship Management) provide our Specialized Consultants and Project Management Professionals with deep knowledge in sourcing and procurement business processes, thus positioning us as an ideal Partner for Coupa.

We have recently obtained certifications issued by Coupa for several Quanam Consultants based in three different countries, which allow us to reach easily any Prospect – Customer anywhere within Latin America either in Spanish or in Portuguese language. All of these Consultants had previous experience of over 10 years in implementing sourcing and procurement processes supported by other IT based business solutions in Customers belonging to many industries such as financial services, insurance, automotive, energy & mining, health & pharma, consumer goods & products and services, essentially within Latin America."


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