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Company Name: RiseNow

Coupa Partner Since: 2010

Countries Supported: US and Canada, EMEA, APAC, LATAM

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Company Overview

What is now RiseNow began in 1998 when consultants from Accenture and Ernst and Young felt they could do projects in half the time, for half the money as the Big 4 by putting more experienced, seasoned consultants on their projects.

In 2010, RiseNow became Coupa’s first certified implementation partner. RiseNow predicted Coupa would disrupt the spend management space and was well poised to unseat the top solutions at the time due to Coupa’s relentless focus on the end user experience.

Within a couple years of that prediction, Coupa rose to the upper right of the Gartner Magic Quadrant and RiseNow was well positioned as Coupa’s top go-to partner.

11 years and over 150 Coupa clients later, the RiseNow team has evolved into a leading management consulting firm that helps global procurement organizations get healthy and stay healthy through:

  • Source-to-Pay Transformation
  • Software Selection
  • Success Blueprints
  • Business Process and Policy Redesign
  • System Implementation
  • System Integration
  • Results Management
  • Change Management
  • Operational Support Services, Outsourced System Admin, & New Release Management
  • Sourcing Execution and Category Management
  • Sourcing Optimization Toolkit

Together with Coupa, we tailor services to your industry/organization by strengthening your existing team and ensuring that your projects are completed on time, on budget, and according to your definition of success.

We are not afraid to tell the truth and advocate on your behalf. Our culture is built upon transparency, accountability, advocacy, and persistency. We employ our proven methodology that identifies red flags and mitigates risk before it happens, provides greater governance, and makes sure we are aligned with Coupa and our clients toward specific and measurable outcomes.