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Strategically extend spend management to your business users

Oracle has been the financial backbone for many organizations and is a common ERP for many companies. Yet in most companies, user adoption of automated business processes for procurement, invoicing and expense management still hovers around 20-40%. Coupa’s modern, easy-to-use, easy-to-configure platform can change that.

Coupa is built to serve as a strategic front end that extends the reach of your Oracle ERP system. Every employee and supplier can use Coupa at their desk or their mobile with little or no training or enablement.. Data flows back and forth from Coupa and Oracle through a single integration point, enriching both systems and helping everyone in your organization buy smarter. You can have Oracle and Coupa integrated, up and running within a matter of months.

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Coupa helps you extend the reach of your Oracle ERP system, by plugging seamlessly into your established framework. No long-term integration needed!

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SalesForce on Coupa

Coupa the Clear Choice for Cloud Leader Salesforce

Coupa is really our strategic partner that we leverage in the procure-to-pay space. Coupa’s ability to operate on a global basis was also a key fit for our needs.”

— Ross Meyercord, CIO, SalesForce

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Metrics that Matter



A retail customer saved millions of dollars in Oracle costs by leveraging Coupa for Req to PO process.



One of the world's leading investment firms completed their Coupa implementation in 3 months with an existing Oracle ERP.

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Oracle ERP

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Get more out of Oracle

Coupa is bringing cloud innovation to Oracle ERP to help solve Oracle customers’ most difficult P2P challenges.


80-100% user adoption is within reach with Coupa. It’s the easiest to use P2P software ever.



We’re bringing strategic sourcing to everyone with an easy to use module that flips the winning bidder’s information right into Coupa contracts and catalogs.



With five different ways for suppliers to e-invoice, including PO flip from email, you can get all your suppliers on board.