Flexibility & Extensibility Meet the Needs of the Most Demanding Businesses

Flexibility & Extensibility

Flexible and Extensible to Fit All Your Requirements

Coupa is highly flexible and extensible, meeting even the most edge-case business process needs. We provide our customers with over 10 million configuration options, hundreds of APIs, a Process Builder and custom objects.
  • Meet Your Needs with Ease

    Meet all your exacting Business Spend Management needs with Coupa’s easy to use, UI-driven configuration capabilities.

  • Extend the Value of the Platform

    Accommodate even your most edge-case business process needs with our Process Builder, APIs, and custom objects.

  • Upgrade With Zero Hassle

    Because Coupa uses no-code customization, your IT team will never have to run major upgrade projects when new versions arrive.

  • Meet Your Needs with Ease
  • Extend the Value of the Platform
  • Upgrade With Zero Hassle
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

Explore Flexibility and Extensibility

Take Advantage of No-Code Customization

Coupa uses a UI-driven configuration approach that is easy to learn and easy to administer. No coding is required to achieve over 10 million permutations of process options to meet the most demanding and unique process requirements of any business.

Build With Hundreds of APIs

Coupa provides rich, robust access to read, edit, or integrate your data via a RESTful API. The library of hundreds of APIs allow you to easily create, update, and take action on individual records within Coupa.

Streamline Manual Processes

Coupa Process Builder allows you to automate manual tasks and actions based on custom logic across various document types in Coupa. Provide an even more guided and touchless experience for your users with Process Builder.

Extend Coupa's Reach

Partners and customers alike can add additional value by developing and deploying panel apps to cover niche business process areas not covered by Coupa’s native platform, such as tax management or supplier sustainability scoring.

Integrate Your Technology Stack

CoupaLink is Coupa's API-based open integration platform. It allows technology partners and independent software vendors (ISVs) to integrate their products with Coupa in solution areas such as tax engines, ERP integrations, invoicing, contracts, and much more.
Explore CoupaLink