Coupa Mobile Spend Smarter, Anywhere


Manage Your Business Spend From Any Device

Coupa is designed and optimized for mobile devices. Whether creating purchase reqs, approving requests, flipping POs into invoices, or creating and submitting expense reports, Coupa enables you to spend smarter from anywhere.
  • Remove Process Friction

    Coupa removes process friction via the native use of multiple mobile channels including email, mobile web, SMS, wearables, and our iOS and Android apps.

  • Improve Productivity

    Reduce approval cycle times, minimize interruptions, and make informed spend decisions from wherever you choose and whichever way you like.

  • Untether From the Office

    Spend smarter from home, the park, or cafe and eliminate any dependencies on an office or device. You’re mobile so your Business Spend Management solution should be too.

  • Remove Process Friction
  • Improve Productivity
  • Untether From the Office
How Exactly Does Coupa Add Business Value?

Explore Coupa for Mobile

Leverage Native iOS and Android Apps

Whether via smartphone or wearable, Coupa enables you to spend smarter on-the-go with native mobile apps. Search and shop, approve, and receive goods to enable you to procure what you and your team need, when they need it. Create expense reports simply by taking a picture of a receipt and watch Coupa do the rest!

Set Up SMS Notifications and Actions

Minimize interruptions from multiple apps and take action however you want, whether it's via SMS, email, or push notifications. Approve a purchase request, reject an invoice, or seek additional information on an expense report without having to log into the Coupa app.

Intelligently Capture Receipts

Eliminate the hassle of paper receipts with Coupa. Simply take a picture of your receipt and let Coupa do the rest with advanced OCR and automatic report generation. Coupa can even search your company catalogs for matching items against pictures of the items you're looking for.

Access Coupa, Even When Offline

The need to create, submit or approve expense reports, requisitions and invoices doesn't go away when you go offline. With Coupa’s mobile app, you can keep your Business Spend Management processes moving forward — even when offline — with automatic action execution and syncing once you go back online.

Track Expenses While On the Go

Coupa’s mobile app leverages native smartphone functionality such as GPS and microphone capture to create an exceptional user experience. GPS enhances user workflows with relevant, contextual information, while voice recognition allows users to simply speak their order or expense and let Coupa handle the rest.
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Book Travel From Any Device

Provide employees with a consistent travel and expense experience, no matter where they are or what device they're using. With Coupa, travelers can seamlessly book travel, manage itineraries, and get traveler support — all within a single mobile app.
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