SmarterTrip Privacy Statement

We trust you to use Coupa to build your expense reports. So you should trust us when doing so. When you use SmarterTrip to help you create expense reports, we will collect various information about your trip, such as detailed location and route information. But we will only share only standard Expense data recorded on the expense line as part of your submitted Expense Report -- all other data collected is for your eyes only.

For some more detail, SmarterTrip is always off by default. So unless it’s explicitly turned on by you for each individual expense report, it’s like it doesn’t even exist. If you want to use it and have it begin creating suggestions, you have to turn it on for each individual expense report, sit back, and let it work (don’t forget to turn it off when you’re done!). Once this data is collected, it is stored locally on your phone and never sent up to our servers — so the data is on your phone for you…and only you.

In addition, your company administrator has no way to access this data (well, outside of physically taking your phone from you and looking at your reports). So if you delete the app, the data that has been tracked will be gone. If you log out, the data will be gone. Your company will know if something was created via SmartTrip or not, but no extra details into your trip -- it will look just like a standard expense report.

SmarterTrip was created to help you create your expense reports, not to help your company keep tabs on you. If any questions / concerns / feedback, please feel free to reach us anytime at [email protected].