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At Coupa, we believe in working together to deliver greater results. That’s why we developed the Coupa Advantage program, which harnesses the collective buying power of our customer base to generate savings and facilitate corporate giving at the same time. With Coupa Advantage, we’ve seamlessly embedded corporate social responsibility into B2B commerce.

For participating non-profits, that means a percentage of Coupa Advantage savings is passed on to them. Coupa Advantage customers, suppliers, and people everywhere benefit from this unique ecosystem. In fact, we’ve already donated to over 100 organizations around the world—and we’re just getting started. At Coupa, we know there is great power in working together. We’re on a mission to make corporate social responsibility more impactful for everyone by making it a business priority.

"We’re partnering with our customers and suppliers to actively deliver on our corporate social responsibility. We’ve built an innovative model that creates value through business network usage and passes savings to charities. It’s savings with a purpose. We’re humbled by our role in contributing to the greater good." - Rob Bernshteyn, CEO, Coupa

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"The contributions from Coupa get us closer to meeting our visionary goal of ending the cycle of poverty in the Bay Area. This is the first time we have partnered with an internet technology company, and we are excited to work together as change makers to ensure all Bay Area residents have the opportunities they need to thrive." - Eric McDonnell, Chief Operating Officer, United Way - Bay Area
"Coupa’s contribution will go into the budget for this campaign and then reviewed by a committee that will decide where the money will go and for what need. The need is just absolutely immense. There are approximately one billion people still living in extreme poverty. In fact, approximately 17,000 children die every day due to preventable causes. Coupa’s donation will assist in helping us reduce that statistic in more than 100 countries." - Bobby Majka, Director of Philanthropy, World Vision Area
"Receiving support from Coupa Advantage means that we can get closer of achieving our mission of promoting a healthy active lifestyle among children in underserved communities through high quality youth fitness programs and nutrition tips. Contributions from programs like this enable us to inspire an early love of sports and fitness that will serve as the foundation for a healthy way of life." — Leslie Schott, Director of Development, Fit Kids

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