Coupa InvoiceSmash Turn Emails into Invoices with Automated Data Extraction


Capture Invoice Data Without Manual Work

Free accounts payable from manual data entry with InvoiceSmash data extraction. Automate invoice entry, directly from email, to save time and reduce errors while minimizing the burden on suppliers.
  • Increase Invoice Automation

    Eliminate the need for manual data entry by extending full invoice-data-extraction automation to PDF invoices emailed from supplier AR systems.

  • Eliminate Paper-Based Processes

    Enable suppliers to move from paper invoicing to email and take the first step toward full automation.

  • Improve Invoice Data Accuracy

    Avoid transcription errors common to both manual processing and OCR technologies through digital invoice data extraction from PDFs.

  • Increase Invoice Automation
  • Eliminate Paper-Based Processes
  • Improve Invoice Data Accuracy
2021 Coupa Business Spend Management Benchmark Report

Explore InvoiceSmash

Accounts Payable Digital Inbox

Empower suppliers to streamline their processes by simply emailing PDF invoices from their accounts receivable systems to Coupa. Avoiding friction by introducing minimal to no change to their existing processes.

Automated Data Extraction

Eliminate the need for manual data entry by accounts payable with digital data extraction from PDF invoices, including header and line-level details, for deep visibility into spend information.

Intelligent Review

The InvoiceSmash invoice data extraction process learns from corrections to improve over time. Make appropriate adjustments where necessary and use machine learning to improve accuracy on future invoices.

Conversion Reporting

Accounts payable teams can monitor which invoices are “smashed” through various queues and divert attention as required to ensure a more streamlined invoice process