Exert control and drive savings with Coupa's business expense tracker

To exert control and drive savings, you need tracking visibility into business expenses as they happen, not weeks or months after the fact. Coupa Expenses provides the necessary business expense tracking visibility and control across your business. For example, employees get feedback on their business expenses, managers see the budget impact of expenditures, and sourcing teams get alerted to savings opportunities in high spend categories.

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No Surprises - anticipate in-flight business expenses before they become a problem with Coupa's business expense tracker

On-time Closes - reduce cycle times with streamlined, easy-to-use business expense tracker

Data Integrity - auto-classification of business expenses and auto-coding to GL accounts keep data clean with Coupa's business expense tracker

Benchmarking and Dashboards - track, compare, and understand your business expenses

Budget Insight - with spend connected to budgets, budget owners can track exactly where they stand

Reclaiming VAT - reclaim the VAT paid on employee business expenses with business expense tracking by Coupa

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