Automated Invoice Processing from beginning to end

Coupa’s tightly integrated suite streamlines invoice management from beginning to end. Throughout the invoicing process, manual work is automated, paper is eliminated, and cycles are shortened – all with the goal of freeing your AP team to add strategic value by focusing on exceptions and managing cash.

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Automated matching - Coupa's automated invoice processing software uses 2-way or 3-way matching rules to ensure the goods or services being billed align with orders and receipts.

Adjustable tolerances - With Coupa’s automated invoicing processing, control what’s an automatic match and what requires manual review with tolerance settings. This automatic invoicing feature can be set globally or at the commodity level by the business team – no IT ticket required.

Anywhere approvals - With Coupa’s automated invoicing, users  can approve directly from their mobile devices – right from email with no extra log-in steps. Automated invoicing reminders free AP from the need for manual follow up.

No-Touch payment and billing - With Coupa’s automated invoicing processing, matching invoices get paid and billed to the appropriate expense accounts with no touch by AP.

Exception routing and review - Based on the tolerance and routing rules you define in Coupa's automated invoice processing, non-matching invoices are flagged and routed immediately for review and resolution.

Early payment discounts - Opportunities for early payment discounts are flagged for AP to prioritize and process with Coupa's invoice processing software.

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